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BOM (Best Organic Medicine) is a fully licensed cannabis cultivator located in Yolo County and established in 2019. Our founders have been cultivating since the 90’s and we’re dedicated to producing nothing but the finest flower!

Our farms cover 4 acres in total and include 2 acres of light dep and 2 acres of full term. We currently have over 30 plus greenhouses and counting!

30 Greenhouses And Counting

Our team gained years of experience cultivating greenhouses style during Proposition 215. These experiences allowed us to put together the perfect plan for growing world class Cannabis at BOM Farms.

Sun Grown Cannabis

All of our Cannabis is Sungrown. We have both full term outdoor plants as well as plants grown using light deprivation or “light dep” technique. Light Dep allows you to control the hours of light your outdoor cannabis plants receive.​

Located in Yolo County

California is the top agricultural producer in the United States. Yolo County is located in Northern California which is known for growing the best Sungrown Cannabis in the World.

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