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BOM.farm (Best Organic Medicine) is a group of fully licensed cannabis cultivators located in Northern California, and established in 2016. Our founders have been cultivating since the 90’s and are dedicated to producing nothing but the finest flowers and extracts!

BOM.farm has over 10 cannabis awards for extracts and flowers with Hempcon and Emerald Cup. In 2021 BOM won 3 0f the top 20 places for sun-grown cannabis in California.

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BOM is the cultivation of Mother Nature’s Best Organic Medicine; CANNABIS, WEED, BOM! Good for the mind, body and spirit; we believe cannabis is natures original answer for ailments, stress relief, relaxation, focus, creativity, energy, appetite, and pain relief. Join us as cannabis emerges from an underground market and culture; into a more socially acceptable form of industry, recreation and medication.

All BOM products are sourced from BOM Farms, and BOM Farmers only. We use modern sun grown , mixed light and indoor cultivation methods to bring the finest flowers to market. We select the flowers and strains we want to smoke and consume, and that we want to bring to market.

BOM extracts are from BOM flowers. No fillers, no added flavors or colors, no adding distillate to increase our THC percentages. No bubblegum or gum drop flavors. No fake flavors. Just our full-spectrum cannabis products. Just our weed and extracts. Just our terps… Just BOM.

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